Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Special

Packt Publishing is offering a holiday special of $5 off all of their eBooks which include well over
1,000 technical titles.

"Learning Geospatial Analysis with Python" is here.

Below are all of the titles at the moment that have geospatial-related content.  More geospatial titles are on the way for 2104 including the little gem on the right :-)

  1. Learning Geospatial Analysis with Python
  2. Python Geospatial Development
  3. Programming ArcGIS 10.1 Cookbook
  4. Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial
  5. Learning Bing Maps API
  6. GeoServer Beginner’s Guide 
  7. Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook
  8. Python Data Visualization Cookbook
  9. OpenStreetMap
  10. PostGIS Cookbook  
  11. OpenLayers 2.10 Beginner's Guide
  12. Learning QGIS 2.0
  13. Learning QGIS - Second Edition
  14. GeoServer Beginner’s Guide
  15. Leaflet.js Essentials

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