Friday, September 2, 2011

Pyshp now available via setuptools

The Python Shapefile Library (a.k.a pyshp) is now properly registered on the Python Package Index so it can be installed via setuptools and, possibly more importantly, registered as a dependency by other packages.  At this time the "" doctests also download with it but not the sample blockgroups shapefile.  I will eventually rewrite the doctests to create a sample shapefile used to verify the reader class.  It is available as both an egg and source distribution.

I'd like to thank users "memedough" and Sebastian for pushing me to go ahead and set this up because yes I'm that lazy where after 2 years I still hadn't bothered to spend the 15 minutes to do it.

If you have setuptools installed, just run: easy_install pyshp

The script is also now in the subversion respoistory on google code just so I don't lose track of it.  The PyPi page can be found here:

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