Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smoothed Best Estimate of Trajectory (SBET) Format

A buddy of mine in the LiDAR industry asked me if we had any software which could handle the Applanix SBET binary format.  I wasn't familiar with it but it turns out on Google the only parsers you can find just happend to be in Python. 

I'm still not 100% sure what these datasets do so if you know feel free to post a comment.

So if you need to work with this format here are two options:

And if you're into LiDAR you are probably already aware of PyLAS for the LAS format;


  1. I associate SBET with the best path computed by Applanix's POSPac/POSMMS software. Essentially post-processed gps data. Thanks for posting this, I was just looking into this also.

  2. I work with Applanix POSPac formats extensively in the hydrographic field. As the Anonymous poster indicated the files are for post-processed IMU/GNSS coupled solutions. They are generally used with an associated Post-Processed Solution Accuracy File (SMRMSG file) which contains error RMS values for all solution components. The files are very simple to read as they are just a series of doubles. I'm happy to provide further advice/information if needed.

    1. Can you advise as to how to convert the GPS time of week to a complete time structure like SYSTEMTIME? Seems like the GPS week number would be needed for this but it does not seem to be recorded. Thanks!

  3. Hi Joel

    Do you somehow know how to convert SBET into SHP format?
    Thanks and greetings from Poland

  4. Great article! Can anyone offer any advice on how to convert SBET files to an ASCII format? Im really struggling to make this conversion.