Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pyshp 1.1.6-beta Release for Testing

Pyshp 1.1.6-beta ready for testing
A pre-release of pyshp 1.1.6 is available for testing.  This release addresses some major issues with reading/writing 3D shapefiles.  The issue was identified by John Burky.  I am currently working through several bug reports right now but this one was a show stopper so I wanted to get a fix out quickly as there seem to be several people working with z elevation values right now.  Also if you were having troubles with "m" measure values this release fixes a related issue.  The Editor class, z values, and m values are dark corners that are not as well tested as "regular" shapefile features so if you're working with these types of data keep a sharp eye out for anything weird.  I'll push this update out as an official release within the next couple of weeks if there are no complaints.

The release is available in the Pyshp Google Code site "Downloads" section here.

In other news we are still working on the sbn/sbx binning example for spatial indexes.  Very close but not there yet.

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